The Path to Enlightenment Explained in Zen Rohatsu

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Zen Rohatsu, from Nora D’Ecclesis, is the A to Z of Zen meditation, with thoroughly researched insights into the origins of meditation, its rituals and how living mindfully can be transformative. Included are simple meditation techniques, such as postures, breathing exercises and the use of mala bead. Written for anyone wanting to cultivate a deeper sense of mindfulness and spirituality — from beginners to advanced meditation practitioners — Zen Rohatsu guides readers down the proverbial path of enlightenment.  

Zen Rohatsu is a microcosm of Zen meditation which best explains why we meditate and why most should consider this spiritual practice, D’Ecclesis said. I sat to outline a story about my spiritual practice, which I wrote from the memory of my own experiences as a lay meditator. The result is this book.

The book explains that Rohatsu is a spiritual practice of meditative zazen that occurs on the eighth day of the twelfth month on the Gregorian calendar. The meditation sessions, which focus on Zazen Meditation rather than scriptures or rituals, are celebrated for seven days in advance of December 8 by Zen practitioners all over the world. Zen Rohatsu will help readers understand this type of meditation and how it might help them.

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