The Trans Model Sofia Rabello, Becomes Focus in the World of International Fashion

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Times have passed and the whole world has reinvented itself. This is no different with the fashion universe that has been reformulated and today gives space to what deserves its real highlight: diversity.

Model & Influencer: Sofia Rabello / Photographer: Glauber Bassi / Advisory Service: Marcio Demari

This does not mean that the models of the perfect bodies, the flawless skin and the hair considered “ideal” disappeared from the catwalks, but that this world is also giving deserved space to real women, who have in their differentials the missing detail to give a new shine to the catwalks, such as trans, black and plus size women. Years ago, these women had their names crossed out of the possible models that could parade on the most famous catwalks in the fashion world and in haute couture events for one reason: prejudice. After all, according to society, they would not be the ideal and perfect standard of beauty.

The good thing is that the world has changed and diversity has been gaining space and entering the scene as a way to put an end to prejudice and “hello” to the new standard of beauty: self-love.
At the age of 19 and born in Itapissuma, Pernambuco, Sofia Rabello, found herself trans at the age of ten, and since then, she has been making her transition, but has not undergone sexual resignation surgery because she feels comfortable with her body. Currently living in Italy, Sofia is a model, influencer and activist LGBYQ+. Her family, mother and siblings have always supported her in her choices and actions.

A new fashion bet, the transsexual model was clicked through the lens of renowned photographer Glauber Bassi. Sofia wants to follow in the footsteps of Laís Ribeiro, also a model, today the only Brazilian from Victoria’s Secret and Valetina Sampaio, another trans representative on the catwalks.

I know it is a disputed market, but it is a dream for me and, therefore, I am dedicating myself and studying a lot about the profession. I hope to build a career in fashion and, with that, my trajectory can inspire other trans people to make their dreams come true – said Sofia Rabello. My dream has always been to work with the internet, because that’s where I found myself and I didn’t imagine anything else, other than that. My mission is to take trans representativeness wherever I go and show that I am capable of anything, as this is my great desire.

Even though culture is something impregnated in people’s lives and the view that the world is not the same as it was many years ago (and a long time ago) is still distorted, the theme about models that deviate from the standards deserves to be highlighted and their real standpoint. For many years, the fashion world did not see women different from the imposed standard as possible models for catwalks and magazine covers for haute couture, especially trans women. Today, fortunately, the scenario is different. Thus, diversity has been gaining much more space, being the word that is defining consumers’ love for their brands. What do we mean by that? Brands that invest in diversity have been gaining affection, admiration and, of course, more profit on the part of consumers, who see their faces mirrored in the company itself, making these people, who for many years were considered non-standard, feel part of truth of that universe.

Transsexuality has always been treated as a taboo in society. However, even though there is a lot to evolve, the issue gains new proportions nowadays. The fashion world is a great facilitator in opening space for different trans models to appear on catwalks and magazines. LGBTQ+ representation is necessary in all areas and professions, including fashion.

Sofia Rabello is inspiration for many and always uses the desire to chase their dreams to encourage other transsexuals. She has been living in the Province of Di Vicenza, Italy, acting as a model and influencer, with more than 26 thousand followers in her Instagram, @real.gabrielly2. She is a lover of the most extravagant trends and admires the work of Beyoncé and Naomi Campbell, who are his inspirations and says that: From the beginning, it was not easy or motivating, because I faced prejudice, but I didn’t give up. I saw that it was a way to fight for me and for other people who, like me, suffer prejudice for being who they are.
Companies have been learning a lot about the importance of embracing differences and respecting diversity. It is a process of evolution and they no longer need to live in hiding. They are on the cover of magazines, catwalks for haute couture and even Victoria’s Secret.

I always try to be focused to give my best in all my work. I am very grateful for every opportunity, for everyone who sees me as a human being, who values me for the professional I am and who supports diversity, adds Sofia.

Florianópolis / Santa Catarina / Brazil