Tom Curle the Marketing Specialist Names Top Strategies Of The Year

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We are already halfway through the year, but for those who deal directly with communication and marketing, there is no shortage of new directions and case studies emerging daily. That’s why Tom Curle, a marketing specialist, decided to separate the main trends in the market. Starting with new terms like “Ungendering”, which may sound unusual at first, but will soon be frequent in agency offices and meetings of marketing professionals. In the last two years, the covid-19 pandemic caused new strategies to be implemented in companies and the market had to reinvent itself in certain aspects.

For Tom, one of the movements that will impact the communication market in 2022 is “Ungendering ”. As society advances in new concepts, marketing follows this evolution, the term refers to the withdrawal of the genre. We can see the change in fashion collections or in the toy industries, which already work in this way. Marketing companies need to be open and inspired in this innovative sense.

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Another trend on the rise in the so-called “lovely imperfection”. That is, the success of campaigns can also be related to the authenticity of each project. This is not about mistakes, but about how vulnerability and the fact of not being afraid to take risks influences the customer’s identification with the brand. Making good use of oddities and imperfections are strategies that show the potential to make actions successful.

It is good to remember that a humanized service allows strategies to be focused on recognizing the values and defects of each brand. According to the expert, supersegmentation fulfils this role very well. “Through it, the market is able to focus on specific audiences and trends”, completes Tom Curle. In this way, it is possible to speak directly with the interested consumer, in order to turn this contact into sales of a product or service. The personality and desire of the public are genuinely understood, thus generating new profits.

Among the main trends in marketing, Curle highlights personality mapping. The resource in question, also called the empathy map, helps in developing the ideal customer profile for your brand, based on the target audience’s feelings. Companies use psychology to understand the motivations and emotions behind customer decisions. Through this, it is possible to see what awakens interest and brings assertiveness to campaigns and sales. According to the specialist, this also inspires a better development of its employees, as it keeps them active and attuned to the latest on the market.

Tom Curle is an entrepreneur and digital influencer. He currently manages ‘The Manchester Screen’, a company specializing in digital screens and the famous Mnky restaurant, which will gain another unit in Manchester, England. Always eager to win, he takes on the lions and devotes himself entirely to business and family.