Top LA Aesthetician Ellie of Eliot Beauty is Raising Eyebrows and Standard in New Beauty Artform Including Scar Camouflage Plus Areola Revision Post-Surgery for Cancer Survivors

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Don’t let your brows or scar tissue bring you down.  Creating an archway to your best facial expression, including full-body coverage, comes Los Angeles’ best-kept rejuvenation secret through top aesthetician and master skin artist, Ellie, founder of Eliot Beauty, who is lifting the mask on all that is possible in the world of skin glam—offering the latest cutting-edge techniques and products available on the market. 

Ellie, Master Aesthetician & Founder of Eliot Beauty, Los Angeles | Working on Client

With the rise of social media, and new influencers born every day, the demand for on-screen beauty has reached new heights, including the need for the finest beauty treatments an influencer can have—for keeping up appearances, and their best face, to their discerning audience.  Next to social media, the online video scene has become a growing mass of simply more “face time” including Zoom meetings—compounding one’s efforts to put on their best facial Hello.

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