Travel is Back: Green List Destinations by Private Jet

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With the reopening of travel to select Green List destinations, some travellers may choose to fly privately for extra peace of mind. Private travel has many benefits, some very pertinent during the pandemic; fewer people, no airport crowds, high levels of onboard hygiene, direct flights on your schedule, and quick reactions to changes in restrictions. 

Cost guidelines for three of the most popular Green List destinations below:

Iceland: From £4,500 pp return (based on 6 people)

Portugal: From £2,500 pp return (based on 8 people)

Gibraltar: From £2,500 pp return (based on 8 people)

Founded by Roland Dangerfield, a former Army Officer turned professional pilot, with 14 years ‘real world’ private jet flying experience, Sentinel Aviation is the ultimate private jet & helicopter charter. Whether you are flying privately for business or pleasure, not only will you enjoy unparalleled service, but Sentinel will always ensure that your private charter with us is comfortable, safe and meticulously planned and managed from start to finish. From sourcing aircrafts and helicopters, to international visa services, travel risk assessments, personal security teams, 24/7/365 global telemedicine support and travel with pets, shotguns and firearms, to airport limo transfers, Sentinel has it covered. All clients are treated as individuals and provided with a seamless, door to door and all-encompassing private charter service.


With the likelihood that either a vaccination or negative PCR test will be required for international travel, Sentinel Aviation is ahead of the curve with an exclusive service for clients whereby a motorcycle courier delivers PCR test kits to the client’s house, waits for the individual to do the test, and then delivers the test straight to the laboratory. This aims to cut the time to get a result from the usual 24-48hrs to just a 3 hour turnaround (within the M25), covering the option for passengers to travel at short notice for business or leisure. 

Roland Dangerfield, Managing Director of Sentinel Aviation, served as a British Army officer for 18 years, before spending the last 12 flying private jets. He comments, When our clients fly, they could be subject to up to five different Covid regimes or protocols; a car to the airport, the airport itself, on the aircraft, at the destination terminal, and perhaps another car transfer on arrival. It’s our job to ensure they know what is required of them and when. The key to success is plenty of planning. That’s where my military background helps; we ‘wargame’ every eventuality.

Sentinel’s concierge service gathers all of this information for their clients and brief them accordingly. This can include Health Passport apps, and with different airlines and countries using different apps, this can be a minefield. Sentinel recommends the V-Health Passport for most UK citizens as a general health app. 


Sentinel Aviation also provides 24/7 telemedicine support to clients, provided by UK-based medical consultants. This covers clients not only on the aircraft, but when they’re on the ground for their holiday or business trip, and when they fly home again. No one else offers this service, and it is for any medical condition, not just Covid events. 


Using his deep British military connections, Roland has partnered Sentinel Aviation with arguably the best and most discreet security company to provide bespoke travel security arrangements for their clients. The London based company operates globally to respond to the diverse, ever changing and evolving security arrangements of Sentinel’s internationally mobile clients. Whether it’s by land, air or sea, clients are provided with the comfort and knowledge that they are in safe hands.