TV Star & Entrepreneur’s New Docuseries Helps Ailing Daughter

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Anthony “Sully” Sullivan is the high-energy, omnipresent British-born TV pitchman of commercials and late-night infomercials (including OxyClean) and now stars on the new hit TV series “Kings of Kush” on VICE that premiered this month on VICE. Sullivan traded in his blue shirt for apparel more suitable for New England farming on “Kings of Kush” (new episodes Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m.) from mastermind Thom Beers, the famed creator of “Deadliest Catch,” and “Ice Road Truckers.”

Sully took a departure from his 30-year career in selling products on TV when his daughter Devon was born with a rare genetic disorder and needed an alternative to prescription medication. Thom Beers met Sully and then planted his latest seed in TV ground with the new reality series about CBD and family.

On “Kings of Kush,” Sullivan and his business partner and friend Dave Christian purchase a 116-acre farm in Plainfield, Vermont, for the sole purpose of growing hemp to process cannabidiol (CBD) for its medicinal benefits. CBD is commonly used to treat a variety of issues, including anxiety, insomnia, and in the case of Sullivan’s daughter, seizures. Sully’s daughter was born with special needs that caused occasional seizures and cognitive problems. Her mother has a PhD in early childhood development, and together with Sully, they realized that CBD helped with Devon’s seizures. Prescription medication had robbed Devon of her personality, according to Sullivan, and after discovering that CBD managed Devon’s seizures and helped restore her personality traits, Sullivan decided to go full bore into the CBD world to grow it, distribute it and get the message out of how it is helping his daughter.

Sully has embarked on his next great venture… the Vermont based CBD company and farm MONTKUSH. As CEO, father, USDA certified organic farmer, and consumer, Sully realized there was a lack of consumer understanding and confusion surrounding hemp-derived CBD products. He decided to document and film the MONTKUSH journey with “Kings of Kush” to educate and entertain the world about the emerging hemp industry.