Why Won’t You Let Me Speak?: Topical New Book Teaches Women to ‘Grab the Mic’ at Work and in Life

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A recent study by George Washington University found that men interrupted women 33 per cent more often during conversations than they did when they were speaking with other men. Supreme Court Justices aren’t even safe from this alarming trend – another study found that over the past twelve years in the United States Supreme Court, 32 per cent of all interruptions were male justices speaking over their female counterparts. It’s a phenomenon that author Sara Harling knows well, and it forms the basis of her new book, ‘Why Won’t You Let Me Speak?’

Concise, compelling and practical, ’Why Won’t You Let Me Speak?’ is a handbook for every woman in today’s workplace – full of the skills that women need to survive, and guidance on how to speak up and be heard.

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