Wine Ambassador Launches Wine Club to Help Airbnb Hosts Attract More Visitors and Earn Extra Income

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In a world where there are about six million Airbnb listings, the competition for renters can be tough. Yet providing an extra perk may just provide hosts with an edge. That is exactly what Wine Ambassador had in mind when it introduced its exclusive wine club partner program last month that allows Airbnb hosts to offer an exclusive fine wine club to guests and earn some added residual revenue.

It’s been well-received right out of the gate, according to Brett Hudson, President, Wine Ambassador, who stressed the simplicity of the model.

Airbnb hosts are using the wine club to peak interest and give visitors access to something unique – which in this case is an upscale fine wine experience. If the renters like the wine and want to get access to the club, they can simply scan a QR code provided at the property for promoting the exclusive wine club. When renters opt in, the owners generate income, he explained.

Based in Napa, California, Wine Ambassador is as much defined by what it is not, as what it is. It is not a bulk wine or discount club whereby random selections of wines are delivered to a client’s doorstep. Wine Ambassador however gives its members – aka Ambassadors – entry to an exclusive wine club for a small monthly fee. Ambassadors gain access to a world of fine wines hand-curated by the organization’s wine experts and shipped directly to the consumer’s door accompanied by details about the wine, the winemaker, and how to get the most from each bottle. Airbnb hosts can then make commissions on new wine club members. Wine ambassadors may be individuals running a side business from their home, yacht owners who offer the club to their guests, restaurateurs who believe in giving diners continuing access to a variety of special wines, and now, Airbnb hosts who would like to monetize their properties with a super cool exclusive VIP fine wine club.

It’s no wonder that this program is catching on quickly given recent statistics related to growth in Airbnb listings and hosts in 2021. There are now four million hosts and over 5.6 million listings on Airbnb worldwide. In addition, approximately 14,000 new hosts are joining the platform each month.

Wine Ambassador never stops innovating because we know wine can make any occasion or private moment with loved ones better. The owners of vacation and long-term stay properties who we partner with understand that and know a great opportunity to stand out and generate more revenue when they see it, added Hudson.

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