WORTH Partnership Project At Fuorisalone: When Collaboration, Innovation And Sustainability Meet And Make Design Competitive

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On the occasion of the 2021 edition of Fuorisalone Digital, WORTH Partnership Project presents “CREATIVITY”, a series of videos dealing with the hottest topics of design between circular economy, craftsmanship 4.0 and social inclusion. Each video will introduce to the public some of the 64 winning projects realized thanks to Europe’s largest creative incubator.

Multi-directional lightweight seats made of 3D mesh for drone taxi passengers, a garment capable of reacting to earthquakes, a lamp that marks the passing of time created using bioluminescence as a light source: collaboration, innovation and sustainability are proving to be key factors in the economic recovery of the creative industry, which lost approximately 31% of its revenues in Europe by 2020.

SEISMIC GARMENT: a seismic sensitive garment

From 12 to 18 April, Europe’s most creative designers, emerging from the latest call of the WORTH Partnership Project, Europe’s largest creative incubator funded by the European Union’s COSME programme, will be online at Fuorisalone with their projects and their unique vision of the circular economy, digital production, the use of high-performance materials, social innovation and craftsmanship 4.0. On Fuorisalone TV it will also be possible to know them and hear from their words the challenges faced in the exclusive video series “CREATIVITY”, an incredible journey to discover the design of the future.

Creativity is the key factor for the future

Creative sectors are among the most dynamic and innovative sectors in the EU economy. Furthermore, they are drivers in the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive society and economy as they are increasingly invoked as key players when it comes to address global challenges, such as the shift to a more sustainable paradigm or the building of a resilient society, explains Silvia Draghi, Policy Officer at the European Commission.

What is WORTH Partnership Project

WORTH Partnership Project is a four-year project funded by COSME, the European Union Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), which fosters the emergence of transnational collaborations between designers, creatives, manufacturing companies (SMEs) and tech firms in order to develop innovative products and designs.

The 64 winning projects to be presented at FuoriSalone Digital are the result of the Third Call of the WORTH Partnership Project, involving 147 partners from 30 European countries.

Today, more than ever, it is important to support companies and designers working in the creative sector, promoting the development of cross-border collaborations with high potential for innovation and creativity. The incredible added value that comes from the interaction of different points of view, different knowledge, experience, skills and the influence of different worlds and values, combined with an approach that is constantly striving for innovation, also with a view to safeguarding the planet, have been the success elements of the winning partnerships of WORTH, which in four years has selected and accompanied on the market 152 projects involving 346 partners from 34 countries throughout Europe, Korina Mollá, coordinator of the WORTH Partnership Project, explains.