Xinhua Silk Road: Mudanjiang’s tourism industry to get boosted by hosting heavyweight provincial tourism conference

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The 4th Tourism Industry Development Conference of Heilongjiang Province was held in Mudanjiang city from September 1 to 3 and is expected to promote Mudanjiang city’s tourism resources and boost the development of its tourism industry.

With the theme of “Mirror-like Jingpo scenery and ocean-wide snowy forest”, the main opening ceremony of the Tourism Industry Development Conference Of Heilongjiang Province, the heavyweight provincial tourism industry’s annual meeting, was held both online and offline in Jingpo Lake, a famous scenery in Mudanjiang city.

As the host city of the 4th Tourism Industry Development Conference of Heilongjiang Province, Mudanjiang city has established the goal of improving comprehensive tourism development capabilities to better reinforce the building of a strong tourism province of Heilongjiang. To attain new breakthroughs in tourism development, the city sets to create a new engine for high-quality development, build a new pattern of all-area tourism-based development, and cultivating new bright spots for rural revitalization, to fully promote the upgrading and innovation of the tourism industry.

Photo shows the opening ceremony of the 4th Tourism Industry Development Conference of Heilongjiang Province held in Jingpo Lake, Sept. 1, 2021.

Focusing on the all-area tourism-based development, Mudanjiang has promoted a total of 177 construction and transformation projects. At the same time, the city has further enriched the supply of tourism products in the whole region, and newly developed 66 tourism products and travelling routes in 7 categories, including ecological tourism, ice and snow tourism, and red tourism, namely revolutionary culture-related tourism.

As the highlight of the conferences, Mudanjiang has launched 29 demonstration projects on 5 major themes, including classic red tourism products, rural revitalization products, cultural and tourism conflated products, technology-enabled products, and quality improvement products, fully demonstrating Mudanjiang’s rich resources and characteristics of tourism.

Among these tourism resources and products, Mudanjiang has promoted the construction of 35 red cultural scenic spots and theme venues, built a batch of rural revitalization products, and promoted 7 cultural and tourism integrated attractions.

In addition, Mudanjiang uses scientific and technological means to improve the digital level of tourism management, services, and products through innovations in display forms, service methods, and immersive experiences. Focusing on extending the industrial chain and improving quality, the city actively promoted renovation and upgrading projects of 8 old scenic spots including the Jingpo Lake, which have accelerated the redevelopment of these well-known scenic spots.